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Why California superbike school?

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In a nutshell, you will learn how to ride faster by attending the school. what I want to know is, what else i can use the skill for? become a coach? A racer?  Can I make a career out of this? 

  what is the differences between 2 day camp vs half camp? and bring my own bike only eligible for 1 day, what the course be like from these 3 classes?  

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You will learn to how to have more control over your motorcycle, be able to predict where it will go in a corner and be more able to make it do what you want and expect it to do. Yes, you could potentially use the skills to become a coach, see this post for LOTS of information about what it takes to be a coach and how to apply:


Yes, you could also potentially go on to be a racer. I came to school as a Level 1 student having never ridden on a track before. I went through the levels and got faster and eventually started racing and then became a coach, so yes, for sure it can be done. :)

Two day camp versus half camp is described in detail here:


But in short, a half camp is exactly like a 2 day camp except only one day instead of two days.

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Hi Y,

Did you get your question answered fully?  Sometimes just better to call the office, got a friendly staff that likes talking (weird).



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