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Watch A Twist of the Wrist II movie online, on your smartphone!


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Did you know that there is an app available that will let you download and watch A Twist of the Wrist II on your iPhone or iPad, or Android device?

If you ever wanted to have the movie with you on the go, at the track, or if you just want instant access to watch it right now, instead of waiting for a DVD to arrive, there's an app for that.

For iPhone or iPad: In the App Store, search "Twist of the Wrist Keith Code". Download the app. Once the app is installed, open the app and you will have an option for an in-app purchase of either A Twist of the Wrist, or A Twist of the Wrist II. Once purchased, the movies are available to watch at any time on your device and you can even go straight to whatever chapter you want to see. Instant access, and it costs less than the DVD, too.

This is SO COOL, I didn't know until recently it existed and thought I would share the info with all of you. :)

UPDATE: It's also available now to watch instantly on Amazon Video! Link below - or just search the title on Amazon Video:


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 Yep! It is truly an amazing streaming free platform. I actually accidentally stumbled upon it while I was searching on the internet where to watch this really great series called “Welcome to Pathville”. It’s so weird because for such an all time famous seires, it was very very hard to find. Anyways, I just found out that you can even download in 720HD (which I very much enjoy, because I prefer to watch movies and series without the glitches). You know how the video just keeps being stopped and “glitches” because of the internet connection? In general, I highly recommend this platform

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On 2/12/2019 at 3:29 PM, Hotfoot said:

It was filmed in the summer of 2008. There is a lot of really cool info on the making of the film and a great interview with Keith on this website:


How did I miss that? A confirmed mention of T3 in the works.

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I am so pleased that A Twist of the Wrist II is available now on Amazon Video! I refer students to it all the time. One of the specific items I recommend it for is the great CG illustration of how countersteering works.

It's much nicer to be able to stream it instantly instead of waiting for a DVD to arrive.  :)

You know what else? If you are ever looking for something to watch, when you go to the Twist II rental page on Amazon, it suggests other movies that people who rented Twist II watched, and it is such a cool list of motorcycle movies!

Here's the link, take a look:



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