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I crash on the left

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Friday night I pickup my Minimoto and crash it on Saturday. I’m noticing a trend...

I tend to crash going left. It feels like there’s no warning. I think I overrrun the tire grip surface.

The particular  corner goes downhill at the Apex to give an off camber surface. There are also bumps in the middle of the corner so if you’re off-line you going to run through the bumps. I low sided there and there was no warning. About three or four laps later I’m on the gas and the rear is sliding and it threatens to high side me. 

 I’m riding on a very unsuitable platform for my size and weight. I have a Honda XR 100 with a BBR rear spring that is still under sprung and so it seems there isn’t enough weight on the front, so there’s a rearward geometry.

(edit) The rearward geometry causes the bike to run wide on the gas, so I’m limited in corner throttle application. (End edit)

I wish I had pictures to show of the tires, but  I’ll get some and post later today. They have balled rubber all the way to the edge in the back but not in front which is why I think I’m over riding the edge.

That’s all I have for now. I don’t seem to have the same problems on sportbikes but I am also less willing to crash them. I get my new bike soon (larger platform), but I was hoping it was a rider error that I could fix.

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With good tires, if the bike is straight and aligned well, I'd then check how good your lock onto the bike is with the right leg.

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