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Just trying to get a better understanding


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Guys....I was hoping you can help me with some confusion in my brain.

I am sure we all like to watch motorcycle road racing on TV. However, I have to confess.....its alot of motorcycle racing available these days. MOTOGP, WSBK, MOTOAMERICA, AMA, CCS etc.

Within all of these categories are little subdivisions. Like STOCK 1000, SUPERSPORT, SUPERBIKE. Its easy to get confused. Especially if you dont want to miss anything. I need help with understanding whats what in terms of rankings. Is MOTOGP and its subdivisions(if any) top dog over all motorcycle road racing? Which one of these and there subdivisions are more "real world"? 


For instance: 

Lets take football. You got the NFL, College, High School, Middle School and your buddies you play with after school for fun. Would WSBK be considered the College Football of Motorcycle Road Racing? 

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Here is a good summary of the difference between MotoGP and WSBK:


One major difference is WSBK machines are based on production motorcycles and MotoGP bikes are purpose built race machines or prototypes.

MotoAmerica is the organization that promotes the premier North American racing series, and part of its purpose is to develop riders from North America to compete on the world level in WSBK and AMA, and uses production motorcycles. MotoAmerica is sanctioned by AMA and FIM. What we used to call "AMA racing" is now MotoAmerica.

CCS (Championship Cup Series) and WERA (Western Eastern Racing Association) are two separate nationwide racing series sanctioning bodies. They would both be considered feeder series for MotoAmerica, offering a wider array of race classes than MotoAmerica and offering Novice classes and race schools to help attract and develop racers. Their events are more affordable and easier to qualify for than MotoAmerica events, and they run a lot of local and regional events, and regional championships so that racers do not have to travel all the way across the country to compete in a series.  There are quite a few racers that race MotoAmerica and CCS or WERA.

There is also AHRMA, American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, which runs events around the country for vintage motorcycles, and is reputed to be a very friendly and very competitive race organization.

A new racer riding progression might start with mini-moto racing and minimoto clubs (especially for kids who are too young to race larger bikes) then progress to a local race club at a local track (which would typically begin with a new racer school), then progress to a regional competition with an organization like WERA or CCS. The national organizations generally have Novice and Expert levels, with requirements to advance to Expert (based on points or race wins) and do have minimum qualifying laptimes. Racers doing well in these national clubs might - if they have the resources - move up to MotoAmerica, and MotoAmerica stars might move on to the world stage.

Does that help? :)

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