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Track Walks Encouraged/Allowed?

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The school would not have any problem with you walking the track, and at VIR, this would be easier if you were actually staying at the track hotel so you were already on site. With some tracks you could potentially have difficulty getting in past the security or guard shack the day before your school; I'm not sure if this would be a problem at VIR but staying on site would probably handle that as you would already be signed in and on the property. 

You could take a look at the track but it is difficult to try to judge traction of an asphalt surface by looking at it. Sometimes the grittiest is not the best traction and sometimes what looks smooth is; the only true test is riding on it.

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I'm not sure what VIR allows...I think they close gate/track access once all track activity is done.  I'd give 'em a call.

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I know the main gate it always manned, I was referring to the paddock gate, that's usually locked too...but I'd think people ask about this regularly.

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