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Ciao from Texas


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I just paid to attend the 2 days training class at Barber on May 27/28 of 2020. I have been riding for many years and still have to ride with confidence coming to a corner. I am turning 60 this year and this course is my gift to myself. Looking forward to learning from everyone and I bring no ego to bruise. I have read the TOTW II book and watched multiple videos and can't wait to make it out to Barber. Hopefully, I will attend the Las Vegas track later in the year for Levels 3/4. See ya'll soon.

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Welcome to the forum and great choice to sign up for the 2 day camp for your first experience with CSS.

Im also from TX and will be at Barber for a few days before the 2 day camp (signed up for the single days to continue with level 4 on my bike). 

You will have a great time and possibly become a CSS addict (like myself). They run an excellent program.  

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Looks like we're all going to be at Barber!  

I tried signing up for the 2 Day, but someone took the last slot....lol. So I am doing a Single and then the Half Camp, trying to get at least Level 1 & 2 completed.

Really looking forward to this!!!

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