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Need A Couple...

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if you'd like other riding opportunities, how 'bout helping out in wera endurance riding when we come out west?

tentative schedule, 5/8 las vegas motor speedway and 6/12 california speedway... these will be 6 hour events with a minimum 2 riders. i'll be one of the riders. my best bet to get anyone else is to ask my west coast brothers...it's a long haul from the right coast.

at the least, we'll be on an '02 gsxr750 w/ michelins...at the best, a duc 999R(most likely an 999S) w/ michelins.

any interested parties please speak up, especially duc riders...i'll keep ya posted if the ride is a duc.

btw, will, i'll cover your expenses at the events B) ...you just get there and ride! :D



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thanks, stuman.

i was looking at the css schedule. it might be difficult for you css guys to commit to both events. i should've mentioned that requirement.

we're only allowed 5 riders. 4 of those spots are firming up with east coast guys. nothing's set in stone regarding the team make-up but, if your buds are as good as you and can commit, we may be doin' sumthin'.


weren't some of you toying with the idea of a css endurance team? nothing like 'race on sunday, sell on monday'! :D perhaps promoting the coderace program?

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the 'vegas' round got cancelled. that leaves the 'fontana' round on 6/12. i don't know if all your guys will be at willow that w/e but, i'd be glad to have any one of your instructors ride with us. it's a 6 hour event and it may come down to just me that can attend from the east coast...i'll never make it alone. :blink:

ps. it's lookin' like we'll be on superstock r6's...tires, undecided.

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most all racing licenses are accepted for sprint racing. all sprint race expenses are on the individual rider. novices can not race 4cyl 1000s.

a wera license is mandatory for all wera endurance riders. http://www.wera.com/pages/rulebook.htm#ch7

all expenses incurred by the endurance effort for this event will be split equally among the riders...a share of the 250$ endurance entry fee, tires, fuel and your track entry. all winnings are equally split among the team's riders. the accepted west coast rider will be a full/official member of the team. we are allowed 5 riders. there are currently 3 riders with a 4th east coast rider on a short list.

please e-mail me for additional info or call 917 710 2967



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