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Q3+ weird tire wear


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I’m new to the forum and from Canada.

I have a Q3+ set on my 2019 s1000xr and I’m getting a weird wear on the center of the rear tire. Only about 500 kms. Image attached.
I’ve been running 33F 36R pressure. The front looks good, no issues. 
Is this indicative of too high of a pressure, like a cold tear? Should I lower the pressure and what temps should I be targeting.
I checked the tire temperature with an infrared thermometer and was around 140F-145F, after a few miles on some curvy roads. I did play with the throttle a bit.
I know that the infrared thermometer is not ideal since it doesn’t measure deep in the rubber, but probably better than nothing.
Thanks in advance,


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Well, not my area but to give a bit of quick feedback: "The Q3s' recommended (cold) pressures of 32 psi front, 30 psi rear still apply to the Q3+" (source: https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2017/03/31/dunlop-sportmax-q3-test-13-fast-facts/ ) -- your pressures seem high and usually you run the front higher than the rear, whereas you're doing the opposite (I tend to run the same pressures on both tires for Perellis on my Ninja 250, otherwise it's always lower in the rear).

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This is actually a tough question to answer because it can depend on a LOT of variables (pressures, temps, suspension settings, tire fit to bike, riding style, etc.) and that is probably why you haven't seen much response. It does look like cold tear and it's interesting that it seems to be happening near where the tire changes from one compound (harder) to another (softer). Do you accelerate hard, in short bursts, with minimal lean angle? What is the tire size you are running, is it the same size as the OEM, or have you put on a wider tire? 

I agree with Yakaru that you should probably start with lower pressure in that rear tire, it does sound too high, and next I would pay attention to your throttle control - when do you begin your roll on and do you roll on smoothly and gradually or quickly and hard?

My first guess (aside from the pressure being too high) is your throttle application may be a bit too late and too abrupt, a "point and shoot" type of riding, which means nearly all of the acceleration occurs somewhat suddenly as the bike is mostly upright, putting a lot of load on the area where you see the tearing, but not giving the tire much time to warm up with gentler acceleration at steeper lean angles. It might be a good idea to review the Throttle Control info in Twist II or on the Twist II DVD, then experiment with your throttle control in corners and see if that reduces the tearing.

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Yes, i was purposely experimenting with some hard acceleration, while pretty upright and that’s why the wear in the center. 

I agree, makes sense that the tire did not get warm enough and this caused the cold tearing. I will lower the pressure next time.

Thanks to all that answered,


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