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Looking for some information on Las Vegas Speedway in November

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I just signed up for a two-day camp in Vegas in the middle of November, and I’m excited!  I haven’t done a CSS since May of 2019 & it will be my first 2-day camp!  I need some help in identifying some bad habits and figure 2 days of level 4 is the best way to get me back on the right track. 

Some things I’m working on to prepare for class are…

  • Figure out best way to and from the track, I will be staying on the strip with my wife.  I would appreciate any suggestions.
  • Learn the track
    • Is the layout is the same as on the map here track map
    • Can anyone confirm if the track will be run counter-clockwise both days (The map says Day 1, does it change for day 2)?
  • Review my notes from previous classes & twist of the wrist 1 & 2
  • Work on conditioning… 
    • When I ride for me at a track day I tend to get sore / tired and skip a session or two, when I Control Ride (intermediate 1 or novice), I find I have no issues.  I figured the slower, learning pace would likely be easier on my body (like control riding), but wanted to see if others could confirm?

It was hard deciding to do this at the end of November rather than the beginning of the season.  I’ll have to wait until February or March before I get to put it to use… I just hope I can use what I learn to reset bad habits I have picked up and carry it into 2022.

Can't wait to see you in November!


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Congrats, I'm sure you will have a blast at the school! :)

Yes the track direction will be run counter-clockwise both days. I couldn't see the map you linked to in your post, but here is a link to the LVMS track data on the CSS site: https://superbikeschool.com/the-curriculum/track-specific-data/#jump4

As far as getting to the track from the strip - there's a little hassle factor in that versus staying somewhere closer, but certainly the hotels are a lot nicer on the strip than they are in North Las Vegas. I have seen students use cabs, and others have used Uber. It can be a little difficult sometimes to explain to a cab where to find you in the track complex, because it is a large facility. Uber seems to do a little better because at least they can see where you actually are on a mobile app. Personally I prefer having a rental car so you don't have to fuss with waiting for someone to pick you up but you'll have to see if rental car rates are reasonable right now and what it would cost to park at your hotel, some of the resort hotels have parking fees. This is just my personal opinion but I'd check rental car & parking rates first, then if that is unreasonably expensive I'd probably use Uber - unless there is a line of cabs sitting at the hotel already, in which case maybe a cab going over in the morning and an Uber going back in the afternoon.

Also, this may sound a bit far-out but some of the limo companies in Vegas offer regular cars (like a Town Car, not a stretch limo) and those can sometimes be the same price as a regular cab BUT you can schedule with them for specific pick up and drop off time and they tend for be more reliable than cabs, and more comfortable. It might be worth checking prices on that.

Sometimes you can make friends with another student and ride-share, if you can find anyone else staying out by the strip.


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On the conditioning question - mention to your coach and Level 4 consultant in the morning that you have a concern about that and they can take that into consideration as you work with them through the day. As you have already observed, keeping your pace below your max will help with both mental and physical fatigue, and we ask students to do that anyway so they have enough free attention to be able to work on specific drills. Additionally, if you refrain from using an extravagant hang-off body position when it is not needed, it will save a lot of muscle fatigue. Also keeping in mind that you have two days with lots of track time, and not pushing yourself on pace while you are still learning the track will help a great deal; if you have not been to the track before, visuals and reference points will be a big focus at first, to help you learn the track, and there is no reason to wear yourself out hanging way off or pushing yourself while your are still sorting out which way the track goes. :)

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Since Hotfoot answered most of your questions, I will expand on the accommodation and transportation.

I have been twice to LVMS (nice flat track) and as recent as this year in April.

On both occasions I rented a car, because I don't like waiting. It is quite expensive, plus gas, but again, I don't like waiting. 

I stayed at the strip on the best room deal at the time The Mirage and the Trump Hotel. I don't drink, smoke or gamble, so I appreciated the stay at the Trump Hotel. No smell of old spilled beer, smoke, body fluids on the stained carpets or noisy and obnoxious partiers/gamblers. You don't have to walk 1/4 mile from the parking lot to the elevator; it has Valet Parking for all guests. 

All hotels at the strip are very close to Highway 15, which going North takes you to the track.

Take Exit 54, then make a right on Speedway Blvd. and another right on Checkered Flag Lane. The track entrance will be far down the road on your right. You will see the CSS trucks before the entrance, but not by the entrance.

Eatery for me is at Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab for all 3 nights.

Prepare for cold mornings and nice afternoons.

Have fun.

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Thank you so much for the info!  After looking at cab costs I have already decided to rent a car... its cheaper and gives me the freedom to come and go as I please.  Hotfoot, your answer on conditioning is exactly what I was looking for... when I CR slower groups I do exactly what you suggest to conserve energy, and will do the same while I'm working on early drills / looking for reference points.

Red Baron, thanks for the info... I'll look into the trump hotel.  We are currently booked at Bally's as we do drink and gamble and they were nice enough to give us a VERY cheap room to bring us back (haven't been back to Vegas in 5 years since we quit smoking).  However the lack of old smoke smell would be nice.

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