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What hurts when you're riding?

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Hi Forum,

I'm a novice rider and a physical therapist, so I'm really interested in body position on the bike. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone:

What body part(s) hurt, feel stiff, get achy, or just feel like they don't move well enough when you're on the track? Is it tight hips, stiff ankles, upper back achiness, all of the above?

Is it something that didn't use to be an issue, but as you've gotten older has crept up?

Let me know what body parts are distracting you or limiting you on the bike!



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Hi All,

I talked to Sarah a little about this subject, and will be interested to hear any and all discussion on this.  I've had a number of riders talk to me about bike specific training exercise programs over the years (requesting them).  

2 areas that I'd like to see improvement are forearms, and calves.  Forearms get tight, and the stretching and rolling I've done has only been moderately effective.  Calves are another area that I'd like a bit stronger, and tend to have knots that stay forever (like in my forearms).

Anyone else?



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I don’t have pain or tension while on the bike, but I do find that after riding on the track my neck is sore the next day, from the low hang-off position and from the helmet, I don’t seem to use those muscles any other time. I'd be interested in exercises to help prepare my neck for that. It’s the most noticeable on tracks with elevation change where I have to tilt my head more to see uphill, or on very high speed tracks where there is some wind buffeting on the helmet. 

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My hands tingle ina good way, im on a single cylinder so vibes gets me after 15mins of spirited canyon riding.
I treat it like a massage and rest for 5mins .
I do visit the gym for cardio (threadmill zone 1 and 2) and stretches  once a week thou.
Gets tired the next day thou , im getting old...

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Hi Sarah- great question!!

Context: I’m 55 yes old, and ride about 10 track days/ year.

In terms of “what is sore”, I’d say I notice it mostly in my core. Trapezius and lats for sure, and also my triceps. My legs seem to be OK, and my forearms aren’t overly pumped, but i know I’ve worked them.


 I actually think about this issue in three related silos- cardio, strength, and flexibility.  One thing i have learned at CSS is that my lack of flexibility is hindering some of  what I want to be able to do on the bike.In my case, its particularly hip mobility- so I’ve been doing some stretching (not as often as I should). Ive also been riding a trainer a bit trying to build up some cardio base. Overall strength, though, I haven’t done much about that…


I’d love to chat with you more about this, either by phone, or in person. LMK  


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Hi Smitty,

Thanks for your answers! Yeah, I think hip mobility is a lot of what people run into with body position for cornering. And it makes sense that the traps, lats, and triceps are sore after track days. Strength is a big one to work on, specifically something called strength endurance - your ability to tolerate the specific weight and work of the motorcycle while riding it for several minutes at a time (as opposed to, say, lifting something really heavy 4-5 times). 

To chat further, you can reach me through my website at www.sarahcourtdpt.com.

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