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Blast From the Past

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Hello everyone,

I haven't been on this site for many years and forgot it even existed until I ran into it in my bookmarks. I went to CSS back in 2013, and had a blast. I had only been riding about a year and wanted more instruction. The school was amazing and it took my riding onto another level. I started carving the canyons twice a week, then started track days twice a month. I ended up starting to race with MotoWest at Willow Springs (Club still around?). I had also started training at other race schools. Riding and racing became my passion. I started teaching newer riders to ride in the canyons and made several YouTube videos. I must of read TOTW2 about 100+ times and watched the dvd more than 300+ times. Brought it to motorcycle classes for newbies, hangouts, etc. Unfortunately, I went down in the canyon back in 2015 and was almost killed. I almost lost my left leg, but it was saved. I had 14 surgeries and didn't walk for almost a year. Was also in the hospital for about 4 months. I picked up riding again in 2017, but only light street riding for about 6 months and stopped again after a car almost ran into me.

So now my friend gave me a 2005 Hayabusa that didn't run. I got it running and have a huge itch to ride again. I also have the itch to do track days again. But I'm thinking of going back to CSS to sharpen my skills and bring me back to speed. I noticed the prices went way up like everything else compared to when I first went, but I understand that. Is the curriculum still the same? Just included a pic of what happens when you get run over by another bike in the canyons.


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Great way to get back into the groove of riding and will make the process of getting back up to speed much quicker and less frustrating. Prices have gone up, but not by much especially compared to how much expenses (gas, food, travel, etc.) have gone up; if you compare it to taking your own bike to the track and figure in tires, track prep, gas, etc. you realize it's a really good deal. And you can be confident CSS will provide a first class experience, and a fun one.

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Hi Franco!

Wow, what a story!  Sounds like having you at the track could be good.  We prefer it for less distractions. 

The School has undergone some changes in the last 10 years, both in the curriculum, as well as how we train the coaches (not huge changes, just evolutionary refinements).  Gerry retired some years ago, but the current crop will say they are even better 😁.

Let us know if you have any questions on the best way to proceed, happy to talk any time: 800-530-3350.



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