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Age Barrier

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I returned to bikes at the age of 60. I've now managed 2 years of not falling off. I ride a GSXR1000 and a Fireblade. I'm well aware that my brain has slowed somewhat since my teens, but I really love the bikes and want to be as as fast as is humanely possible for a bloke of my age. My question is, would I be wasting my money to attend the school and maybe even pose a danger to other riders, or is there still hope for me yet! I know both the bikes are probably a bit overpowered for me and that I'll never get to use the full potential of them, I accept that but having tried 600's etc. I prefer the big bike feel. Just what percentage of your pupils are my age, and how well do they perform? I know it's a "matter of opinion question" but some indication of your views would be helpful.

Regards, Gixergeezer.

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There is still hope for you yet!


You WILL come out of a Level 1 class knowing more about motorcycles, understanding the dynamics and riding better/faster. There is NO doubt about that. Age has little to do with those. I know some 70 year old guys that are far faster than me (not that that's too hard or anything to brag about) so don't let age stand in the way of you having a GREAT motorcycle experience with the benefit of gaining some very critical motorcycle knowledge that you can apply always. :)


Will it be as fast as humanly possible for someone your age? Probably not as there is almost always someone faster. But guaranteed you'll go fast enough to get a few shots of adrenaline.


Do it...you'll love it!

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Too old to ride or take a Superike School Course. NEVER!!! Man, I'm approaching 73 young years, ride an R1 and manage to hoist my stiff leg over the saddle.


I had been riding for years, then took my first course with the Code school. Man, I suddenly found that I did not know how to ride a bike properly, for those many prior years. Now, I've since been on Level IV many times, plus hit the track whenever time and money permit.


I've survived Willow Springs International Raceway, Streets of Willow, Horsethief Mile, Firebird in Phoenix, Las Vagas Motor Speedway, Sears Point (Infinion) and Laguna Seca. I don't believe that I've caused anyone to crash, yet. I might have gotten in the way of some of the younger go-fasters because I have been able to hold them off in the corners. But then, they are in the school to learn to get around me.


Take all the courses and get the thrill of really knowing how to ride your bike. :D

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I can't speak to what percentage of superbike school students are "your age" in the physical sense.


However, in spirit, I'd say everyone is the "desire to ride better" age.


If you are buzzing about on a Fireblade without falling down or forgetting to stop at stop signs on the street, I would urge you to go for it. You do not have to worry about being too slow or getting in the way.


The school is a very controlled environment and there are rules against aggressive passing. You should not worry about getting spooked or run off by faster riders.


The standard schools are about learning. Not racing.


If you want to do it, I say do it.


Time marches on.




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Some of the best riders I know are in their 50's 60's. I'm 23 and a few of the guys I've ridden with who are 50-60 something will outright leave me. And anyone I've seen who has taken any level of these classes has come out a MUCH better rider, including myself. I've only noticed large differences in riding abilities after class also, not just minor things.


Another thing, I know riders within my age that can go a lot faster than me on the street, but I like to attribute that to my higher intelligence :) cause wrecking hurts

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Sounds like this was pretty well covered. Keith is approaching mid-60's. I know of one racer in his mid seventies---raced a GSX-R 750 I think. His wife is in her 60's and she raced too.



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