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For the aging rider, modern bio-electronics (my name for them...)

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I've been getting referred to some of the more recent technologies for healing up (from whatever injury/illness).

  • EMF bed.  My chiro is trying to get me to take for a test drive on his.
  • Red light therapy. 
  • Earthing/grounding.  
  • Magnets therapy.

Originally I kinda thought this was California airy-fairy BS.  But persistent suggestions from qualified people have brought up my interest.  Even with a simple multimeter, one can test one's own body's voltage (try it), and with a grounding mat it changes.  So there are electronic fields in the body.  Can they be used to help, or hinder healing/recovery/health?

Lots on the internet about this stuff, but curious if any others have tried any of the above, and any success? 


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