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05/06 Zx6rr -- 07 Zx6r

Guest Clifton Brown

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Guest Clifton Brown

I know that you guys are very busy with the school, so I don't want to interrupt your day too much. But, I am hoping you can help me out. I am an avid trackday rider here in Canada and have the occasional club race as well. I will also be attending CSS for the first time this year, as I've done a The FAST school here in Canada. What I am looking for is your honest opinion on the new zx6r. I currently have the 05/06 Version 6RR with Kit ECU, Full Akro evo system, damper, and all other racing neccesities. My questions to you are: Whether or not the new bike is significantly better, if so how much better, and whether or not it's worth getting the new one? How you would compare the two in terms of handling, and engine performance. The engine in my current 6RR is pretty strong. I am just looking for an honest opinion that comes from a professional and not a marketing scheme

Thank you for you time and effort...



Clifton Brown


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Hi Clifton,


I would direct your question to Willie (Balistic) via PM or Email. I can't think of anyone more qualified to respond.



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Not sure if Will can get back to you on this today, we are prepping to leave for Vegas (4 days of schools) we just got back from Laguna, and we just got the bikes before then.


I'd like to see Will's response to this, here is my opinion:


The '05/06 model is really a solid bike, I liked it a lot. For sure a better riding position than the '03/04 model. With the mods you have made, you are not going to recover that money in a sale, not sure if the '07 is enough better. I will say though, that riding the thing right out of the box, minor suspension tweak by Will, and I was very impressed with it at Laguna. Handling and brakes were excellent.


If you get PM from Will before he leaves, ask him to post his response.




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