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2nd Track Day

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Working on putting what I learned to work:




This time I was working very hard to do the two step through turns. But a 3.1 mile long course sorta wears you out. How the pro's manage an entire 20+lap race amazes me. During one session (not this video) I essentially blue screened. Totally lost my focus and concentration. Couldnt put together a turn to save my life. Once I became aware of it I shut it down and started waving people by and pitted in.


Besides a BSOD I also discoved what being lost on track is like. This track is two tracks connected together. Last month I did the new track, this time they connected it to the old track. There is a chicane and a short straight that connect them. That is where I would get lost. I'd do the chicane get on the straight and then blow the turn on to the new track. Guy, one of the instructors for Ride Smart 'yelled' at me about it. During the next two sessions I got it corrected but caught myself getting lost once.


Anyway - this is the greatest thing in the world. I'm glad I can share it with you guys.

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Cool. Welcome to a life long addition. :) If you're in decent shape and getting extremly tired, jut relax. I know saying relax, is a well "duh" statement, but you may be trying too hard. Ever notice you turn your fastest lap times at the end of the day when your so tired your just cruisin'?

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Hey good for you my friend.. Nice job on the camera mount too.. It will be great for you one day to be able to go back and watch yourself on those tracks that once gave you a hard time. It would be nice to be able to watch yourself as your level of ability/confidence increases!


Keep up the good work. Looking good.



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