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  1. oh! One more thing. I had a phone CAVE on me. I then learned that your number had so long ago been stored in the

    (internal Storage)section of the phone,and not the SIM card like NORMAL SMART people. its 310... something something something, somet.. well.. you get the point. Drop me a text. I'll more than likely know it's you.. I don't have a lot of semi attractive Cali...

  2. heya kid... just wanted to say "Hello"

    Been a very long time. Hope all is well.

    Ttys :)

  3. So, here I go again... for the eighth time I'm sure at least. Been trying unsuccessfully for the last many years to actually get my butt down to California to take that dang course. Couldn't tell you how many times my oilpatch job has made me cancel due to schedule conflicts etc. BUT>... Looks like this time I'm golden. So, as it's been a few years since I've been able to attend... I'm wondering, as I've just returned home and booked my flight, car rental, and now a room.... The question remains... WHERE is everybody staying these days? When you go to Willow? What
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