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  1. Pros: More stability when cornering and especially under braking, traction provide essential weight transfer point from rider to center mass of bike, and frees the rider's arms/hand to "control" the bike and not using it as a brace. Cons: It cost money. Probably the best $40 I ever spent.
  2. I see someone had already made a thread. I am also at that 2 Day Camp and Lyle is also my coach (Yellow #25), and I picked up a lot from his coaching . I had a great time learned a ton and the S1000RR totally rips. The bike is so compact like a 600 but with insane amount of hp, seat height is no higher than my R6; Very easy to handle and go fast. The brakes are even more impressive than the power it makes. Thunderbolt is a great circuit! Got a good mix or corners and elevation changes, very fun. I am planning to do my Level 3 & 4 as soon as I can. Thanks!! Some trac
  3. Hey Lyle, thanks for your coaching! I will work on my body position. :)

  4. Been using Silkolene Pro 4, no complaints.
  5. It depends on the club, but even the best club with best rules can't guarantee there will be no idiots running in them. I learn to ride, got my M class for the pure reason so I can do trackdays, keep my fast riding at the track and so I don't have to do it on the street. There is an obvious reason to the "passing on the outside" rule. If I want a low risk activity, I can resort to oversize vacuum tube spectating and I am not saying it because I am 22 and think I am invincible. I simply think if you want to ride fast, you should keep it off the street and take it to the track. Until the da
  6. Don't think any full face helmet are designed to be put on and off while you have your glasses on. I just got contacts for this season, due to when in full tuck or hang offs I am looking over the top of the glasses.
  7. Dude, you are probobly just a hour from Monti, should check that out this season if you have a chance. Know any great twisties around the Catskill mountian region, would love to hear about that! I am from Albany btw.
  8. Nice vid. I recall I did it by accident a few times, and I was like....wtf just happened...
  9. Nice vid. I recall I did it by accident a few times, and I was like....wtf just happened...
  10. Good read. Just wondering if the school will be setting the bike up for individual students for the 2 day camp, or will the bikes will basically have a unified school setting for everyone. I can tell you right now even with riding the bike, it will be over sprung for my weight and probably for some lighter students also.
  11. MCN conformed they will be running a split grid of 1000 and 800. 1000's performance will be capped to the level of the 800's.
  12. I paid about $500. It's basically brand new w/o tags and this model comes with a back protector Might consider getting a hard back protector, some clubs require one and certainly as you level up you will need one.
  13. Don't see it being specified on CCS's site, but gauntlet glove is generally the standard for schools and track days. You don't have to spend a lot on boots and gloves, or even the suit. I would also suggest a back protector if don't already have one. How much did you pay for your used A*?
  14. I'd say engine displacement is less relevant than choosing a bike with fully adjustable suspensions and stock up on books about motorcycle/tire dynamics. Just my 2cents.
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