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Moto Gp 2004

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So who will win the 2004 Moto GP?

I favour Colin Edwards but there are several other riders who could do it too:


Sete, it's his best chance

Rossi, on the Yam, will they make it good enough?

Nicky Hayden, came good at the end of the season

Capirossi, a better Duc for '04?


Then there are several riders who can win races and if injuries become a factor you also have:






I CAN'T wait!!!!! :rolleyes:

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My guesses:


1) Sete Gibernau

2) Valentino Rossi

3) Colin Edwards

4) Nicky Hayden

5) Max Biaggi


I thik Valentino will fight valiantly to keep the Yamaha on top of the box, and win more than a few through sheer skill and determination. In the end though the untried bike will spit him off enough to DNF his way out of the top spot.


Sete is poised to take it, and will through consistent finishes and a proven racebike.


Colin will dominate the middle of the season after getting his bearings with the bike and team, but falter as the big boys get serious. He'll only take firsts through attrition, and then not too many.


Nicky will come on strong, and win at least one of the first five GP's. He'll have a very successful and consistent mid-season, but start DNFing later as he begins pushing too hard in search of the top spot.


Max. Oh, Max. Max and Xaus will butt heads from the first race on. The animosity and constant battles between them will take their toll, with Biaggi beating Ruben after a bizarre late season legs and arms a'flyin fall takes Xuas out for several weeks.


Of course, I could be completely wrong.



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I think Rossi made the right move. To prove himself as a a great rider he needs to win on an inferior machine. Everyone agrees the Honda V5 is the best machine out there and the M1 needs some work.


Interesting article in last weeks Cycle News about Colin Edwards first ride on the Honda in Spain. In one day, first time on the bike, he bested Rossi's best lap time during the Moto GP from previously this year!

and HRC is going to support 4 satellite teams, 8 riders on equal factory stuff (supposedly).


It indeed will be interesting. Rossi is going to have his work cut out. I will be astounded if he repeats as champion, I will be surprised if he even wins more than a couple races.

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Yamaha not only got Rossi, but a world championship team as well.


Jeremy Burgess (Rossi's crew chief) and two other Aussie mechanics are also joining Rossi at Yamaha. A brief history of Jeremy Burgess is that he was with HRC for around 20 years and worked for Freddie Spencer, Ron Haslam, Randy Mamola, Wayne Gardner, Michael Doohan and then Rossi.

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History repeats itself over and over. When Honda coame into GP racing in the early 60's they cleaned up with their awesome bikes and top riders. SLowly the other factories started to catch up and win. The technology gap isn't as big as it used to be in those days. Data on small displacement high output engines has had over 4o years to brew and leak out into the hands of anyone. Rossi will smoke them enough to win the championship no matter what he rides. He is worth a second a lap all on his own, on anyhting he can throw a leg over. I love that guy he never really complains about the bike, tires, setup he just grins and flies.



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No one brough up Barros either. Not that I think he is going to win the championship, but if he gets in there in the top Honda spot, he could be a contender.

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