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Usgpru At Firebird East.

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These guys were incredible to watch. It was the best racing I've ever seen live. Melissa Paris was there, but she was new to the track, and couldn't keep pace with the faster rider we have out there.


USGPRU was so much fun. They had more skill than our better local riders. Passing on the outside, inside, deep in corners, where ever.

Peter Lenz only lost to two other riders when he put his 125 against equal competition on 250's.



Melissa Paris on #13. Josh Hayes was out there, but he didn't ride.



I don't even know who he is, but he was the coolest out there. At times I thought he was going to drag his elbow.


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#127 is 11-year old Joe Roberts, a multi-time Level 4 student at the school.

Have most of the riders in USGPRU attended CSS? They are motivating to watch knowing your school can make a rider that incredible.


We've had some kids recently, but didn't train many before that, had to pave the way to get them even allowed at the schools (insurance is one reason).



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