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Level 2

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Keith, Cobe and the rest of the team. I finished L2 today @ Phillip Island, 15 Dec, my coach was Mikey(the yank).To put things bluntly he is without a doubt fanfreakingtastic, he did something into hayshed that I had to look twice at (right hander very fast)left hand over throttle hand touching ripple strip with left hand :o WTF insane...when I get younger I want to be just like him!!!! You are restricted to only sending him to Australia from now on :D !!!!!Just from a couple of things he got me to do changed the way I rode dramatically body position, confidence, speed and heaps more, when I get the pictures sorted I hope the comments will be good. SO happy it hurts in my leathers!!!


Again thanks for the great staff, training and drills

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Wow! That's a cracking piece of feedback. Thanks for posting, and glad you enjoyed your day so much!


Mickey's a talent no doubt, and a good guy to boot :)


That's a nice shot of yourself you've go there too!


Hey Adam,


You know it's "Mikey" not "Mickey" or is that just the Oz guys taking the piss out of the Yanks, happens as often as I talk to you guys!


Ozfireblade--really glad to hear that you had a good result with Mikey, guess you could understand his California version of English OK!




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Yeh understood him just fine no Ye ha's or anything wierd like like, he's good with his passing on info just straight to the point no waffling, and funnily enough he asks questions to get me to answer my question.... sounds like being in the forum. :lol:



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