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Difference Between 2 X Level I/ii Days Vs. 2-day Camp

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Howdy all - I'm trying to work out my options for taking courses with this school, as I've heard lots of good stuff about it. I'm interested in doing some of the level I/II stuff, so I'm trying to understand my options. Seems like there are two approaches: take 2 single days and do Level I followed by Level II; or just do a 2-Day Camp. I rather like the schedule and location options for the first option better - specifically, I've always wanted to ride Laguna Seca, and early March is better than late for me personally (though the other slots aren't completely out of the question). The 2 x single days is also a cheaper route, by about $1k ...


Thoughts? How much less track time would I do with the 2 x single days vs. 2-day camp? What other things would be different? I'm assuming I wouldn't get to play on as many toys, for instance ... :(


Thanks in advance!

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Gday Jeff,


Mate if we had the option for a 2 day school in Australia I reckon most of us would take that. More track time + more practice = more results.


I understand the cost is high,(we pay around the same and have no slide bikes, cam bikes etc) even missing out on that stuff Id still pay the same!! So bugger it mate spend the extra....its Christmas!!!! :D


Whatever you choose you'll definately enjoy it and change the way you go about riding ,safer ,more confidant and need I say it Faster!!!, these guys will go above and beyond to help when you want it .



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HI Jeff,


Stuman is right, we have covered it elsewhere, but here is a short answer anyway:


2-day camp, less than half the students, 2 coaches per student, only 2 groups. You are basically on the track, or in a briefing, very little in the way of breaks. Also, more time (if you like) on the off-track bikes. Laguna has a so-so skid pad, not as good as the Streets for the off-track training, lean bike, brake bike, etc.


Also, you do get the video bike (and reviews) and the brake bike only at the 2-day camps.


If you can swing it, it's the way to go, and a great way to start.


Let us know if you have any questions.




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