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Starting Your Kids Off Right

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I fully intend for her to be faster than I am... To that end I will provide her every opportunity my motorcycle hating parents denied me till I moved out :)


Thought it was cute.. and nowhere else would appreciate it more..

Apologies in advance for the bad lighting iphone shots


Don't wait.. Start those kids learning early






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haha. nice pics..


Ok I can add one. Most of you all know Austin my son.

We did start him out early, the first pic he was about 8ish. At Fontana AMA race around 2002

here is his first time ever touching a motorcycle




And this is him now at 15 this last November at Road Atlanta for the WERA GNF.

He'll be starting his first AMA season this year

Couldn't have gotten here without Keith and the team without a doubt.


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