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Need Some Corner Workers

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Hi Everybody,


Your friendly neighborhood Course Control here.


We are currently looking for a few good riders that want to get a bit of "free" track time and

help the school provide the awesome service that we are known the world over for!


April 22nd and 23rd at the Streets of Willow Springs needs 5 more Cornerworkers at this time.


April 24th and 25th at the Streets of Willow Springs needs 6 more Cornerworkers at this time.


The second 2 days are a weekend!


If you yourself are interested in coming out and helping out, or you have any friends that might

be please let me know.


Quick breakdown of how the day goes:


2 riders each session, 5 positions manned, each corner worker rotates in turn, usually works out

to sitting for 2-3 sessions and then riding one. Get between 4-6 sessions on track. (Half the time

Cornerworkers bow out from riding their turns because of how much riding.) All cornerworkers get

to ride at Lunch time (30mins - 1hr of ride time)


email me if you are interested in this.




Thanks in advance,


Trevor Pennington

Course Control CSS USA

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One woudl think in this economy, guys would be drooling for free track time! Where can I sign up? Oh, gotta work on those days, darn!

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Hey Everybody,


Got a bunch of emails, thanks for the support, we have filled all the spots for the April school!!!


We are still looking for cornerworkers for the later dates.


If you are interested please got to SoCalCornerworkers.com


Thanks again,



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