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Level 1 And 2 At Thunderbolt

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Fellow riders,

I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me were I should try to saty Sept 6-9 2011 at Thunderbolt. I saw that on the 9th


NJMP Sportbike Championship Cup Series is going on so I'm thinking it will be hard to get a room nearby, and I think the villas our probably out of my price range. any help would be great.






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There is a few hotels around there. Depending on what you are comfortable staying in. There is a motel called the motorsports park inn, doesn't look that nice driving by but its a bed and shower about 10 min away. You could call the track and see if they have any VIP suites left. Its a little pricey but its right on the tracks front strait all you have to do is walk downstairs in the morning which is pretty nice. There are a few others I found on hotwire too that are pretty close. I have only stayed on the track in the vip suites so take what i say with a grain of salt. Oh you could also camp if you were up for it for four days. Its 10 dollars a day and there is showers at the track. Well thats all i can think of i hope it helps.



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I've stayed at the Hampton Inn in Vineland, which is about 15-20 minutes from the track. Free FULL breakfast, Benigan's across the parking lot, and nice rooms. I'll be down there on the 6th for another Level 4 session; come say hello (2008 orange and black CBR600RR).



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We are at the Quality Inn I think it is...no great shakes, but reasonable and makes as difference with 15+ staff!


Plus, we are really our own gang, no wat Im cayin'?



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