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Greetings From Brisbane, Australia

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Hi All,


Just stopping by to say hi. I have had a look around the forum before but I thought it was only for current or past students, but it looks like it's open for all? I'd better get involved then! Anyway I'm keenly awaiting my next local CSS, I think it will be next year sometime, and it will be my first time at the school. Will get into both level 1 and 2 if the days are one after the other - can't wait for it.


A bit about me: I have been riding for 5 years, first bike was a GSX-R600 (shortlived, don't ask...) then a Z750 and another GSX-R600 when I couldn't resist the lure of another sportsbike. Got a bit bored with the 600 so I got a K6 Gixxer 1000 which I must have had for about 3 years (wow - time flies when you're having fun!) Kind of wish that I had kept on the 600 now, most people I asked said that I should, but I was a big lad at the time - bodybuilding and sports/track riding have got to be one of the strangest combinations, eh? But I have slimmed down alot not and I'm liking it alot better for riding, don't get as tired as quick, I'm more flexible and it all just seems easier when you don't have to move around so much mass.


I also have an XR400 motard that I ride to work on daily, can't recommend a motard enough for inner city/suburban type riding... love it. At work I also ride a Peugeot Blaster 50cc scooter for deliveries, usually get out once a day on it. Yeah, yeah it's just a scooter... but at least it's riding! Haha. Manages to surprise the car drivers though... it's supposed to be the fastest 50cc scooter, and it's not bad. Most cars wouldn't keep up with it off the lights unless they put their foot down, and then it's like "wow - congratulations - you just had to gas it to keep up with a 50cc scooter!" haha


Ahwell, I digress. Did I mention I don't mind rambling on a bit...


Well I'll cya's around!





aka Mugget

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Welcome Conrad, this is indeed open to all and we appreciate the input of students and non-students alike. Heck we even listen to the coaches on occasion :P .


And don't let that scooter get you in trouble, I've known more than one motorcycle rider that got "bitten" by a scooter. And we will never let them forget it either.


Ride safe,


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Thanks guys.

Bitten by a scooter... that sounds like an interesting story... This one is a bit different since we've got it fitted out to carry posters and plans etc. It's good for when I have needed to take my suspension for a service as well. biggrin.gif



The only thing that's a bit of a let down is that the front brake is a bit weak, and the rear drum brake from the Dark Ages. But I've always found it easy to ride, I reckon it's more like a BMX than a motorbike!

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Love the poster carring mod Conrad. Form follows function, as they say. :D

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