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Hi From Washington Dc

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Hi All


Justin here, from Washington DC, but really 5th Gen Texan. Colin Edwards / Ben Spies ... CLOSE-PERSONAL-FRIENDS :rolleyes:.


By day, I'm an Oracle database engineer and general IT guy in the belly of the military-industrial beast.


I've completed Level 1 with James and Josh at New Jersey Motorsports Park. This past weekend was Level 2 (Grizzly Adams Lyle) and 3 (Frank Zappa) at Streets of Willow. I've drunk the Kool-Aid.


In 2009 I made a great bike do a bad thing -- I highsided me and my BMW R1100Sk4 at a local 19-turn track through red-mist and over-exuberance. I'm now rebuilding confidence and cornering skills on itty-bitty skill-builder bikes.



I very much like to write. I'll try to curb my enthusiasm. I'll keep a blog for my wordy Moto stuff to protect the innocent here in The Cornering Forum.


To be a good forum citizen, I'm reading through the historical threads, to save redundant questions and observations -- plus what I've read so far is such good stuff. It really amplifies what I've been reading in the dogpark. So far I've been especially impressed with Hotfoot's contributions and positivity.


By the way, NJMP is 1.5 hours from my house. Summit Point is 1.2 hours from my house. VIR is 5h. BeaveRun is 5h. Should you come to ride any, you've got a basecamp at my place and usually good airfares coming into BWI.



Thanks for having me.




Justin /Gus/ Giron



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Welcome to the forum. I look forward to reading your posts--and your blog. Is that BMW 1100 anything like the R1200R? My ideal commuter bike--besides my my Wing--would be the RR. I'm looking forward to CSS at VIR. Do you race or just enjoy riding on the street?

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Thank you for your kind welcome.


My R1100s was Bessie. She was the bike for all seasons, for all reasons. She could trackday, get me to and from trackdays, she could run from the law over WV mountain goat trails :ph34r:, dance with commuter cages on I-95, she could haul more than a Freightliner.


Funny you should mention blog. I have, of coursewritten about her -- sometimes in a manner not fit for company -- second only to my first dog, my Black Lab Ally, about whom, of course, i've written -- God Help Us All -- Stop-Me-Before-I-Write-Again :blink:


Different from the R1200R? Bessie was the last Analog-year before CANBUS, so she was easier for me to work on and there was no key antenna ring to fail. I mainly ran her with the clipons below the triple-clamp but had risers for trips from DC to New Hampshire.


I have not raced -- I've got to actually get fast, from present pig-slow. So, I'm doing homework from Levels 1,2,3 on my Ninja250 and a SuMo CR80 2-stroker I just bought for all the right reasons :unsure:, uh, I think -- I'm a little scared of that wee-beastie.


I'm almost 100% track now. Workplace politics after my 4-months of rehab don't recommend that word get around about my being back in the saddle B)


Did you mean R1200R as ideal commute skoot, or the S1000RR? What kind of commute do you have?



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Welcome! Glad to have you on the forum, and great to hear you've done a school and had a chance to see how amazing that experience can be!


Thanks for your very nice compliment about my posts on the forum, I really appreciate that! This is a wonderful forum, friendly and informative, with no ads and no politics, some great experts to answer questions, and all kinds of riders from all over.


Thank for introducing yourself, have fun on the forum!

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... and no politics...


That may be asking quite a bit from a DC'er :P . Welcome to the site Justin! And don't worry about curbing that enthusiasm, we like that around here.


I'm guessing that by your use of the past tense that you no longer have the R1200; did she not survive enough to resusitate? I have a K1200R myself, great fun but they are not cheap to repair, which causes my reluctance to track it. Although I need to, she is on powerful beast, to which the King William County Sherrif's Department would be happy to attest (oh wait...they already did :( )


Ride safe,


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... deal, and absolutely no religion, you know, like when meeting the in-laws :rolleyes:


King William, wild-eyed southern boys with <_< guns ... VA LEOs scare me ... Army/Norfolk R1200RT buddy Goodtime Guiseppe got popped outside Richmond, $1000 in atty fees later ... and then again the next month on his way to Morton's


USAA totaled R1100S Bessie ... in those early oxycontin-fogged days :blink: I just wasn't prepared to buy her back from Mafioso Evgeny of Ohio


but I was glad to have my Mortgage and Medevac insurance (from Summit Point Shenandoah, you might have heard of it) at the time

oh, and did I mention the oxycontin :) ?






profane tribute to Bessie

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