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Which Level?

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Hi,Im thinking about attending CCS at NJMP Thunderbolt next season and I was wondering if I should start off with Level 1 or 2?I have 4 track days under my belt as well as some basic training.Thank You in advance for the feedback.

Why not start at Level I ?



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Hi trackjunkie77,


phillyjoey is right. Everyone takes the levels in order as they are indicative of the order in which CSS teaches the program, not the proficiency of riding in that level. For example the first lesson in level 1 is Throttle Control. I was a track noob when I took level 1 and my riding proficiency was comparatively low however when Keith coached Leon Camier this year he could very well have been working on Throttle control with him as well. Of course Leon's lesson would be much more involved compared to the basics I learned but that's the beauty of what CSS does, they teach the science behind riding the motorcycle and then build proficiency in the skills that apply that science.


I hope that helped.





BTW - I'm not sure what Keith and Leon worked on but I am sure whatever it was, it was based in the skills they teach all of us.

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Leon gets exactly the same tech as everyone who does the School, there is no special 'racer version'! The only differences are his ability to apply the tech and communicate any troubles he's having in applying it. That, plus the fact his Survival Reactions trigger at a much higher speed than us mortals ;-). Throttle Control, Level 1, lesson 1 is without doubt the most important Drill for a racer. You have between just a few horsepower (throttle shut, no revs) to well over 200 (throttle on the stop, revs approaching the red line) and it's all controlled by that twist grip on the right. Anything that makes you late on the gas or that makes you roll off then on again or has you just waiting with a checked throttle or is not allowing you as much drive on the exit as your competitors is losing you time. Pretty much every other Drill that is worked on, whether visual or physical, will be working towards improving what is happening with that Throttle Control.

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Hey there Junkie!


First off, an excellent forum name!


The levels are not beginner to advanced, more like most critical first, then build on that.



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