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Brake Levers

Cobie Fair

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Pretty darn impressed with our bikes these days, but did notice a nice difference when the levers were changed out. We added Gilles, and the difference in the brake lever was instantly noticable--for me, it was in the bevel, and made it surprisingly more comfortable.


If I were going to modify a bike, about the first thing I'd do would be to put tank pads (we have talked about that ad naseum), and the 2nd would be to upgrade these levers.



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One of my sponsors gave me my first set of ASV levers (like a crack dealer). They were such an improvement that now all 3 of my race bikes have them. Unfortunately not cheap; but they are comfortable, have a great feel and are instantly adjustable on the fly for any brake fade.



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First thing would be to make the bike mine. Adjust levers, tension on cords, etc, then would be stomp grip. I have aftermarket levers on my street bike, and like having them way more than stock. It would probably be the 4th thing (3rd is wearing out the tires so I can upgrade).



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1324754572[/url]' post='25649']

...3rd is wearing out the tires so I can upgrade...


That's what I call a real win/wintongue.gif

I've been thinking about upgrading my levers but the guys at the shop recommended upgrading the whole brake assembly to the Brembo RSV so I've been holding off. Maybe I should rethink that based on this thread.

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Brake levers... I never thought about them, probably one of those things you don't really think about or notice until you change it. I changed to a Brembo master cylinder and the lever that came with it is fine, I never thought the stock lever was bad but then again the whole braking feel changed so much from stock that it's probably hard to compare lever feel.


I would probably add rearsets as a first big mod, I do have Gilles there and yep they feel so much nicer.

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