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No More Lurking Around

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My Names Tyler and I'm A Motorcycle-a-hollic and I'm sick of not being able to see half the pictures posted around here so I decided to actually register laugh.gif


A little about me, I'm from southern California, a Daily Motorcycle Commuter and habitual split-er of lanes. I ride a 2005 FZ-1 as my commuter bike and have a 2007 R-6 as my Track Bike. I've done the CSS School out at willow springs up through level 3 and had a absolute blast doing it, and am absolutely a better rider because of it.


Thanks again



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Welcome, Tyler.


Nice to hear from you. You've done three levels. What would you like to work on if/when you do Level 4? Just curious.



I'd say my Vision Skills need the most work, track riding vision is more what I'd call point and shoot whereas street riding is more of a constant scanning of what comes into view, that and I have a habit of hanging onto the hand grip too much in right handed turns

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Welcome to the forum Tyler. Vision is a great skill to work on, I've been working on mine quite a bit as well. You cant get faster without good vision (and good reference points to go with it).




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