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I'm a huge fan of Keith Code reading his books and watching his videos. I often quote things from his books when I get in "discussions" on other forums. I ride an 08 FZ1 and a 10 Raider. I used to have an 02 FZ1. I really hope to take the CSS sometime in the near future. I took the Total Control Class a couple of years ago but am looking for something more in depth. Thanks for having me.

Ken from Maryland

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Welcome to the Forum; sorry it took a bit of time to get you set up here but welcome regardless.


Maryland is close to VIR and reasonably close to NJMP if your looking at future dates. Don't shy away from registering just because a School is full; there are always cancellations.



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Welcome Ken! If you are looking for more training you will not be disappointed with the school. What areas are you wanting to work on? Any skills you know need improving or are you looking to build base to improve from? Are you interested in track riding or do you just want to be a better street rider? (FYI...the latter can lead to the former, just a friendly warning.)




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