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Howdy Yall

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New around here. Turned 40 this year and live in Philadelphia. I've been riding for about 4-5 years now. My 1st bike was a '95 CBR F3 I picked up for $500. Good bike, great bike to get my first couple noob drops (twice in about 15 min) and first low side (lesson learned: front brakes are a nono on trolley tracks in the rain). Couple seasons of cleaning carbs and I picked up a '06 CBR F4i while I still had hair. Immaculate condition and barely ridden (2.5k miles when I got her in 2010). I can't describe the feeling of coming outside in 40 deg weather, pressing the starter AND HAVING HER START :)


Which bring me to this year. This year I went out and bought my dream bike: a leftover 2011 BMW s1000rr with 0 miles. And she's made it blatantly obvious that I can no longer put off getting some real lessons. Lowsiding her 3 months after buying her will do that. I took the MSF BRC in order to get my license. And I took the ERC last year on my F4i. But I've never been on a track. And Philly is kinda short on twisties :P


So here I am. A low side eating my confidence in turning and long overdue on the track anyways. I've always felt I didn't need to learn to go faster, not finding much enjoyment in raw speed anyways (yeah I know: why get a s1k then?). But I need to get better. So it's time to ask for help.



Damon :-)

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Welcome to the forum Damon. It sounds like you are in the right mind frame, open to good coaching and some education on the technology of riding. CSS can do that for you. Are you planning on attending the school this year? If you have not read the Twist of the Wrist books I would recommend startiung with Twist II and get a copy of the Twist II DVD as well. Both are great primers for the school and excellent tools on their own as well.


And don't be afraid to jump in and participate in the forum. There is a wealth of knowledge already posted but the guys and girls love chatting with new members as well.


Ride safe,


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Thanks for the welcome. I have TotW2 somewhere round here (my gf uses The Force to organize things. Along with Lee Parks and Nick Ienatsch's books. Also have the DVD but haven't been ale to watch it all at one time (lifelifelife).


I'm probably going to do the deposit on the Sept 2 day camp in NJ in a couple days. I think I hit the limit on what I could learn on my own years ago. Just stubborn ego kept me going till I cracked the frame on my s1k and can't figure out how. I mean skipping the blatantly obvious "sliding from mid street, over the curb and stopping on the sidewalk" part :P

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Welcome to the forums Damon.


You mean to say that the lowside on your S1000RR cracked the frame? ohmy.gif

Crashing isn't cheap, definitely one good reason to get trained up!

Well you've found the right place, I'll bet you are really surprised at just how much improvement you'll see in your riding after CSS. I've taken a number of road and track based training over the years and CSS Level 1 definitely made the most improvement for me so far.

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...my gf uses The Force to organize things...



You should tell her Keith Code is feng shui! Thanks for the laugh.

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