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Bringing Your Own Bike

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Hello to all, I am attending Sep. 3rd at Thunderbolt in New Jersey and using my Ducati Diavel. I am clear on the tire tread requirement but want to hear from anyone who has done this. I guess I will have to bring tape for the lights and tools to remove the mirrors. Any advice on how to do this or issues I should look out for would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Hi fm58, as long as you meet all the bike requirements as listed by the School, I think you will be fine. But if you want to be completely sure I would phone or email your local CSS branch to get clarification on any specific queries.


I know when I did the school we didn't need to remove mirrors (just folded them in or tape over them so you can't look in them) or tape up lights etc., but I think some tracks have different requirements (and CSS must abide by them).


All the best - hope you have a great day on 3rd September!

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Just bring the bike as CSS has asked for; they will handle the rest.

I opted to take off my mirrors, otherwise the staff will tape these over (to stop you from using them). They tape the speedo too. As far as I can remember, that's the only thing I had to do on my street bike.


Enjoy the day!



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Yup - I live in Monroe and used to street ride quite a bit around here and out towards PA. The last few years, the only riding I've done has been on the track, though. Enjoy CSS at Thunderbolt - it's awesome B) .

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