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New Guy, And Attending Css At Vir Soon

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Hi all.


New guy to the forum. Im attending CSS at VIR on aug 13/14.


Coming in from Toronto, Ontario.


A little nervous esp since im riding the S1000RR. But have lots of seat time under my belt, so heres hoping for 2 good days.


WELCOME! You will love the S1000rr, it's a pleasure to ride - surprisingly mellow and easy to control. I was VERY surprised to find it easier and friendlier than my 600 was. On the other hand, when you are ready to REALLY get going it is a rocket!

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Welcome resident trouble maker. Although with a name like that I do wonder if we should really be welcoming you or keeping you at bay... blink.gif

Nah - just kidding! biggrin.giftongue.gif Cya around the forums, and have fun at your CSS days!

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Hi Trouble,


You will love the S1000RR. I first rode one at CSS in 2010 and I've been in love with it since. I even trader my K1200R for one. And you are in for a real eye opening experience with the school.


Tell us about your riding. Are you new to the track? Is there anything specific you want to work on?


I'll be at VIR both days so stop by and say hi. I'll be in white and grey leathers with a BMW patch on the chest.


Safe Travels,


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Thanks all.



If your at VIR the same time, look for the black Nexo suit with "Inferno" on the back. lol.



As for track experience, ive been running track for a few years now. I have taken Fast phase 1 with Max Mercier, and tons of track days under my belt.


I also have a season of amateur racing in the 600 rookie/ 600 extreme class as well.


Right now im looking to lower my lap times, unlearn some bad habits, and generally have a fun time down there for 2 days.

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