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Does This Story Kill Some Myths?

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I would have to agree there's no myths there... If anything it shows that a person can be tense, push on the 'bars like they're pushing a wheelbarrow and not move off the seat, and still be a C grade racer...


But that's not too say that it's an ideal or particularly safe way to ride. I have a suspicion that Matt would not only prefer to be able to move freely on the bike, but would be able to ride faster and safer as well. After all, why wouldn't he want to ride like he used to?




When he was injured he was the reigning Western Australia Superbike champion (and is also 27 times WA Motocross champion). Currently being a C Grade racer is a long way from that. I don't mean to take anything away from him because getting back on a bike after what he's been through deserves all respect. But I think it's safe to say that we'll never see a disabled person challenging for any type of state or national championship. Not being able to move on a bike (or choosing not to) is a severe limitation.

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Not saying it is ideal, just that it should not be possible if one is to believe the amount of extra lean required when not hanging off and how hard it should be to keep it upright when using only arms for support. I cannot see anybody win a MotoGP race without the use of the lower body, but I do wonder if it would be possible to do so without hanging off if the rider was good enough doing other stuff on the bike to compensate.

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