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Possibility Of Semi/active Aero Braking On S1000Rr Hp4?

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I was wondering if an aftermarket air brake that rises on preset ECU conditions (eg deceleration G forces enough to lift off the back wheel on straights/predetermined lean angle + speed)

is viable.


after all, its an electronic bike , setting it up to raise a spoiler on its rear should not be too hard ...


Im thinking F-15/SU-27 style air brake (the one on its back that lifts up for landings) on the rear seat.


Its been done on Lamboghinis and Veyrons already.

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Hey ktk_ace,


Sorry I've been away. I didn't get notified that you posted this. I'm looking into that.


I wouldn't be surprised if we see more aerodynamic development on bikes. We'd probably see it on the MotoGP bikes first. I remember back in 2003 Red Bull spent a considerable amount of money on aerodynamic development when they were trying to get better top speed on John Hopkins 2-stroke 500cc.


If you watch Formula 1 car racing at all....those guys go CRAZY with aerodynamics! They spend SO much money on making sure those cars are slippery and have plenty of downforce. I've actually heard that the downforce on a Formula 1 car is so much, that it could actually run upside down!


I'm not sure an electronically controlled spoiler on the tail of the bike would help much. Most riders sit up when they start braking anyway, so essentially THEY are the spoiler. However I could see some merit to having the side fairings flare out when the rider starts to brake. I think this could provide both braking and possibly help keep the rear wheel down while braking. It would also allow the rider to keep his inside knee pinching the tank(instead of sticking out as an air brake), making him more stable on the bike during braking.


If only we had 10's of millions of dollars to test this eh!? :/

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Heated grips will warm up the inside of your hand, but it is not this side which is cooled down by the airflow.

Heated gloves (at least my Gerbing's) heats the outside of your hand.


I've ridden 200km in zero-temps with completely soaked, but warm, hands without problems.

My feet, on the other hand/foot, were cold but dry - huge problem.

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Haha....BMW adding the hand warmers is definitely going to help guys/girls drop their lap times.


I'm actually heading to Italy this week and I'll get to take a closer look at an S1000RR HP4.


I'll be sure to post up any cool tech info I discover.

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