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Cutting Weight

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Fortunately I've been losing weight since I got my bikes. I've just got off my tail and started being active because I wanted to ride. I lost close to 60 lbs. This only worked to a point and now I have to make a concerted effort to lose more. I'm at about 200lbs and 5'10". We have a swimming pool and a weight room in our Clubhouse in our Town-home complex. It should be easy and I really like Cobie's plan to work out as soon as we get up as I'm usally full of energy then. My goal is 165. Wishing us all luck. Nic

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I was referring to the blood type diet, some I know have had pretty good results with it.

A bit late to the party, but I must admit it doesn't make sense to me. Several of the food items supposed to be perfect for my blood type makes me feel drained or aching with gas pains etc. So, why does it work for so many? Because those who follow the diet now pay attention to what they put in their face and as a result tend to eat healthier, with less sugar and salt. I don't think there is anything wrong with the blood type diet, other than I don't think blood type influence what is good for you or not. But if it works, hell, why not. It's the result that counts, not the theory ;)


Shakeabuse, 60 pounds is pretty respectable!


Dropping weight itself is not too difficult - I've dropped 13 lb in 3 weeks before - but dropping weight without losing muscle mass is very hard.I hope to lose 10 lb of fat by going down only 6 lb over 3 months from January 2. It will require a lot of workouts together with a complete change in eating habits. We will see how it goes, I may have to adjust as I go along. The plan is to end up fairly cut at somewhere between 200-205 lb.

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When looking at different diet and weight loss options I would just advise people to be very critical and look for evidence of it's effectiveness. Specifically, scientific evidence.


I will just say that there is no scientific basis for the blood type diet, nor homeopathy and similar alternative therapies.


Edit: Just realised that I already said that, but being sure of the scientific basis is an important point! Otherwise you're just chasing after the wind.

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