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Howdy From Texas

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Hey everyone,


My name's Jeremy. I've been tracking/racing cars (just a bit of wheel-to-wheel at Texas World Speedway) for about 8 years and found myself bit by the bike bug about a year and 4 months ago. I raced dirtbikes for a few years when I was younger, but made myself wait 6 months until I was comfortable on a sportbike—and then 6 more to idiot-proof myself—before I found myself at Motorsport Ranch Houston. I've done a track day a month ever since on an '03 CBR600RR and I'll be attending the Superbike School next month at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. When it came to cars, I started off with instruction and then went to Skip Barber racing school at Laguna Seca. Seeing as how that seemed to work well, I'm aiming to repeat the experience and get more personal, professional instruction before I get the chance to develop and build on bad habits.


Anyways, glad to be on here. I hope to learn a lot.

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JK 13

Welcome aboard.

You have probably already learned that the brake and turn points are different between 4 wheels vs 2 wheels.

As for school next month go in with clean ears and an open mind. Be prepared to answer questions and do not be afraid to ask either.



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