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How Long Do Knee Sliders Last?

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I was wearing through the stock pucks on an AGV Sport suit pretty quick so I switched to Woodcraft Klucky Pucks after reading good reviews about them. They are supposed to last longer as they are harder but they may not have the feel you like if you are used to softer pucks. I like them. I am working on dragging as little as possible though. Get down to the puck to set my angle, then lift the knee slightly.


Edit: I forgot to include that I have been through 4 track days with the Woodcrafts and they show much less wear (barely any) than equivalent time with stock.

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I've heard people complain about wearing through woodcraft pucks in a day, I've read magazine articles that claim they last forever, It's all a matter of how you as a rider use the knee puck,


The OEM sliders on my Dainese suit have lasted me at least 50 track days, and I JUST flipped them to start wearing them the other direction, so probably another years worth of use before I replace them. I touch my knee down a lot, but I rarely drag or grind it into the pavement, just light pressure and let it skim along, or a slight reach out to kiss the pavement to confirm my lean angle





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That the knee is used to gauge lean angle seems to be an oft abused fact, with some riders grinding them into the pavement etc.Good to know that when used correctly, the knee pucks last awhile.


Also if one side is wearing more than the other [ except in case of more turns in one direction than the other ] , what error in body position does that mean? Or are you more comfortable with turns in that direction?

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