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Planning Issues Willow Springs Oct 2016

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I am traveling from Austria to Willow Springs to Attend CSS and Code Race and have some issues about traveling because I haven't been to California before.


I Will travel to LAX Airpot.

How do you travel from the Airport to the Hotel/Motel near the racetrack?

Which Motel/Hotel do you spend your night?

How much would the fee be for the travel (Airport - Racetrack)?

Do i have anything else to consider?


Maybe someone is traveling from near LAX to CSS who can share that ride?


Thanks for the sharing of your opinions :)



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I did the same trip as you, just back in 2012. I hired a rental car in the LAX airport. It takes a couple of hours to drive up there (85-95miles one-way).

I was recommended (and used) the same Motel in Lancaster that the CSS team was using. Ask the office for suggestions.

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I would highly recommend the rental car, getting to the track from LAX isn't a overly complicated affair, just a couple of freeways, but depending on the Time of day LA traffic can make the drive a lengthy one. You also need to keep in mind getting from the hotel to the track each day, and if you want to go out for dinner in the evening. A low end rental car will be less $$ than all the taxi or shuttle costs.


There are several options for lodging in Lancaster I believe your information/confirmation email, which you may not have received just yet, will include some lodging options and possibly some codes for a discount.


There is a option in Rosamond, but its a pretty crappy one, however if your on a really tight budget and don't mine a dive hotel its there. Last time I checked it was about half the cost of hotels in Lancaster.

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The office will send you contact info for the hotels...I think we used a Hampton Inn recently, and that was pretty good. As Hotfoot said, stay away from the hotel in Rosamond.

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