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Airbag Deployment Anyone?

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I watched many highsides in motogp and WSBK this year and the last but I can't remember a single airbag opening. I know they have chips to analyze the g-force change but how can it be that the airbag protection is never required in all those crashes?

The hit-air vests are more widely used this year in my trackdays organization and I hear positive feedback from riders: it seems to help against neck strain, chest and also collar bone injuries.

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The airbags in MotoGP are inside the suit. Look for that "puffed-up look" on the upper body of the rider as he/she gets up and walks back in shame.

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What khp said. The suits in MotoGP (I haven't been following WSBK) have internal airbags instead of the giant external collarbone airbag like in previous seasons. Also, I would assume that the settings for deployment on their airbags is set to a much higher threshold so the bike can move around.


Although the airbags don't deploy in every instance, Marquez definitely had his deploy in practice at Assen.

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