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I want to do it again... it’s been too long

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I did 2 day school for level 1and 2. And then 2 weeks later did another 2 days for lever 3 and 4. It was truly money well spend and made me a better rider. Well that was 12 years ago and 2 kids later. I am still riding but not like I used too. I always wanted to come back and do it again and I decided to do it again this spring. Since it’s been so long I have to start over and can’t jump right back to level 3 and 4. Which I am absolutely fine with. My question is do I go for back to back single days or do a 2 day camp? I know there are more ridding sessions and I really want get back in to track ridding and of course have a pro fix my mistakes.  But will the single day schools be sufficient for a good refresher? Or am cheating myself and going more economical route? 



PS  level 3 and 4 will follow and it will most likely be a 2 day camp in the near future. 

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I’ve done both formats and personally prefer the two day camp format if it’s not feasible to bring my own bike - just seemed to flow more smoothly, and most importantly you get a bit more time with your coach. Those factors plus the use of the school’s bike/camera bike/fuel/tires makes it worth the price of admission in my mind. 

That said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the single days and since it’s a refresher for you, I’d probably save some $ too. If you have a bike you plan to be on the track with and can get it to the school, then I’d definitely get some coaching while on that bike and the single day is your only option. 

Either way, I’m sure you’ll make a lot of improvements and have a great time, again. 

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I have only done single days, so I can't speak to the comparison.  However, I think the single days are great for refreshers.  If anything, you could always do a single day of any level to gauge your progress and then follow up with a 2-day camp once you have an idea of where you want to focus on.

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Perhaps I'm a bit late and you've already done the camp, but, just in case... The Two-Day is amazing as day 2 flows so well from what you pick up on day 1 and you get, as said above, plenty of coach time as well as plenty of track time.  I did levels 1&2 on a camp and found by the end of day 2 I had completely drained my tank (personally!) but that was a good way to be.

Single days are great too, although, going from a two-day camp I did notice the coach less on track and there is slightly less chat during the debrief - not inferring anything negative at all, and there was still plenty of feedback and improvement on my part.  I think it just highlights how amazing the two day camps are.  As it sounds like you will be refreshing your skills I wouldn't think you are cheating yourself in any way.

I did the super single  day at Willow Springs  in October really liked that format.  I found that it was a fantastic blend of a single day and the two-day camp.  There are only 2 of you to each coach so plenty of input on track and at the debrief.  I think, but don't quote me on this, that there are fewer riders on track overall too so less traffic.  It is also a good balance of learning and costs and I found it great value and would do that one again given the choice.

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