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internal foot


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i have a question,

is my internal foot position right?

i have a bmw s1000xr

and touch knee down on track,

but i feel aching knee , i rapidly feel fatigued.


i see that people that ride supersport put internal foot near vertical ,

but i'm not able to do it...

i put the foot more or less pointing in front,like the foto of naked bike, (also if it isn't myself)

maybe that on a naked type bike the footrest are not toward rear , and force to that position?



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Comfortable for you is a key issue.  In this photo, one problem is with the foot on the end of the peg, it reduces ground clearance by a lot, should be up and out of the way, not dragging prematurely.


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There are several different foot positions that you will see with some famous, fast riders.  As Cobie said, comfort is different for everyone and the biggest issue with your foot being on the end of the footpeg is reduced ground clearance.  One question is whether your toes touch the ground when you ride.  This can especially happen on standard bikes, some of which have lower footpegs.  If so, you may want to have your foot closer to the motorcycle.  

Personally, I ride with my foot parallel to the motorcycle.  I tilt, or cant, my foot to the side so that the outside edge of my foot rests on the footpeg and the inside edge of my foot rests on the vertical rearset bracket.  Looking from the rear of the motorcycle, the bottom of my foot, the footpeg, and the rearset bracket form a triangle.  This was after discussion with Dylan about my lower body position and sometimes touching my toes.  With this method, my foot stays close to the motorcycle, preserving lean angle, and I actually get my knee farther out than when my foot is angled like your photos.  

You can see this style with some riders, like Casey Stoner (below) and Marc Marquez.  At the same time, some other riders, like Troy Bayliss, prefer to have their foot angled 45 degrees from the bike, like your second photo.  

Regarding your knee aching, are you applying a lot of pressure on your inside foot?  I have found that if I am able to support my body by anchoring my outside leg with the motorcycle (locking with the tank), my inside foot does not tire and ache as quickly.  


Image result for casey stoner rear


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for aching knee,

i think like you say....

i was wrong, to press foot on internal footpeg,

i was trying to turn bike excessively with body lean and poorly with countersteering.


now i began to apply more consciously countersteering,

i feel , less pain in knee.


i have to force myself to, remeber to coontersteer, end not rely only on body steering.

i realized that , if i force the bike only with body lean, o press very hard with my weight on footpeg.


now i'm learnig instead, to use external knee for anchor, and another thing i understood,

is that, isn't really helpful to try to put body weight on footpeg,

it drive rapidly to aching knees,

instead, if only use footpeg to shift body lean, and after put weight on seat, the internal knee is relaxed, 


understood, that when bike alteady leaned, 

there isn't need to press on footpeg



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