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Greeting from the UK


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So let me introduce myself I have been riding now for 7 years now and have completed lvl 1-4 in Australia and repeated lvl 4 in the UK, I really love the way the school explains and encourages to improve yourself and during my last lvl 4 I was lucky enough to be voted as student of the day, and in which as given the prize of 2 BSB tickets for Caldwell Park. I ride a s1000rr and love this bike. But it’s come to my attention that the franchise of California Superbike school in UK has gone into receivership and hence closed down. What I would be interested is what other locations in Europe can I book another lvl 4 as I see ongoing training critical part of my riding. 


Thanks all


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That's a pretty sweet bonus prize of free BSB tickets - hope it was a good show!  

I am also based in the UK and a bit gutted that the Superbike School has shut down.  Various people have mentioned rumours of a new company taking over the franchise, but I have no idea when this will be.   I have done a couple of schools in the UK, but most of them have been over in the States.  It might sound outlandish, but maybe worth considering (or not ?!)  

When you add the school day (or two) to the cost of a flight, plus hotels, it wasn't that much different to what I'd spend getting to a UK day.  Obviously, there are other costs and more hotels to pay for to make a bit of a trip of it, but I found the US schools and staff fantastic.  Weather is a bonus, as the last school I went to here was 'rained off'!  Track-wise, I've only been to Willow Springs in California, but keep planning one to Virginia Int'l Raceway - which is also closer so less flying time/cost.

I'm not sure if the European franchised branches of the School are still operating in Europe, or still delivering the same programme?

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A few of the key coaches (including the Chief Riding Coach UK) are keen and working full steam to bring a licensed California Superbike School back to Europe/Middle East, with Keith's endorsement.  They've been very hard at work on this, as you can imagine, it's quite a task.  We'll keep you informed as things are finalized.

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