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Hello From Southern Maryland


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Hope to be taking my first CSS school in May at VIR. I have been on two wheels since age 4. The only school I have taken was the Cornerspeed Race School so I could get my lic to compete in CCS races and that wasn't until 2003 at age 37.   I have nine years road racing and seven years coaching experience at the Mid-Atlantic tracks, VIR being my all time favorite. I am looking very forward to my upcoming school and have high hope of learning some new things and of course to correct those nasty habits we seem to collect over the years. Except for my race school I am self taught with the assistance of wearing out a few VHS players as I hit rewind and play, a few thousand times learning BP and techniques from the original masters of the sport. 

Hoping to meet and get to know even more like minded people in this community, (Family) than I already know. 

Some of you will flame me for this, but I was the guy doing the rain dance in the pits praying for a "Wet" event. lol. I absolutely loved racing in the rain.  

Former MX guy so I have the elbows thing going on a little bit.


See you in a few months


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I am a full disclosure type of person, and 100% truth is what you will get from me always. 

I have been on a bikeless hiatus from 2011 - MID 2018 when I  purchased a leftover 2017 RSV4. I have done four trackdays so far and it feels great to be back in the saddle again. 

My race bike was a R6




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I have two self inflicted crashes to my credit. Both of them being low-sides.

I admittedly, am a very deep trail braker and that cost me a podium on both occasions. Bad habit of mine, yes, but I know and understand why I tucked the front and low-sided. This issue is one I need corrected and do not believe it will take much effort, its just committing  to the change and getting away from what I Am accustomed to doing out of habit.

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Hi Graybeard!

When you come to the school, please come and say hello to me in the morning.  Most all my coaches would be good with you, but some might be a slightly better fit, in terms of back ground.  If you come see me first thing (before registration) that will allow me to talk to you for a few minutes, and evaluate who could be a good coach option for you.  



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Hey there! Just getting back her to check things, so sorry for the late response. 

Honestly, NJMP is not a track I frequent. 

So you get your bike back together after your get-off? T1 there can suck you in pretty easily, if you are not on your game...

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Glad to know there are 2 other CSS'ers in my neck of the woods.

ViR is my favorite track. I'm a multi-time 1-day'er. I planned to do a 2-day camp with CSS this year, but some of my preceding plans are off the rails so I don't know how my schedule is going to pan out.

I get most of my track time nowadays on the mini-moto tracks. I got started in that coaching my then 5yo son to his 1st Championship 2 years ago. Life has since gotten in the way of our real priorities.

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I ride with a very small group of smart skilled riders who understand boundaries and street limitations. One guy is 100% track and plans to take Level 4 this year if all goes well. We are a well mixed bag of fruit, lololol with the addition of a new rider with less than 18 months of total experience who is planned for level 1 in May @ VIR.

I have to agree with your VIR comment! Love that place, but I have not been on it since Sept of 2011. If this virus gets settled down enough for people to get back to work, I well definitely be doing a track walk Sunday before dark! 

That is pretty cool to know you coached your son to a championship.Life always seems to disrupt the best laid plans!

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