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  1. I was a bit of a late with the whole two wheel+motor bike. But I started with two wheels quite early. I still own the bike today, and ironicly was just looking at it today. The wheels honestly can't be more than ten inches. Something you would picture a clown riding. I jumped on that thing with out any training wheels and I was off. The trend would follow one summer evening at a friends house when I was 20-21. I had never been on a motorcycle, but just knew I could do it, so I convinced him I knew what I was doing and he handed me the keys and a helmet. He stood on the porch watching and as I could barely get my shakin leg over the seat, but before I knew it I was out of sight and never missed a shift. The rest was history! My mom still hates it when I ride, but did come watch me race. I guess its just a mothers love.
  2. Adam, Im gonna see if I can get JZ to give some input here.
  3. Gotta go with Cobie and Stuman on wideview and VP. Over all just the importance of visuals. For me everything follows that. I turn much slower when I start losing my visuals!
  4. The Speed and Strength did fit well? I am in the same boat with my current leathers. The SS leathers I tried on had more room and better fit/feel than anything else I have worn or tried on.
  5. Haha, after Cobie responded to my post, I felt kinda bad cause I didn't know how it would be taken. But I feel better now. Tim- Mr. Burns
  6. Haha, no, not tryin to get anyone in trouble!
  7. Haha, yes the questions Adam! I can't seem to find my book, but look up pivot steer. Level three stuff is body possition drills and what not. The body work stuff really helps in the quick transitions and helps keep you from using your arms in fast and quick transitions. Jaybird, have you done Level 3 yet?
  8. What about your legs guys? What could you be doing with your legs to help you use less effort to get the same or more pressure to the bars?
  9. Last year I ran Pilot Power Race's at 29F 26R cold on a GSXR 1000. Excellent grip. I cornerworked four days with those tires in May, then rode one hot lunch session and then Level 1 in Sept. and never had a bit of a problem. Only ran fasters times on the Dunlop G-tech slicks. Had crazy grip and excellent life on the Power Races. Been racing Dunlops this year and just haven't felt the same with them. Not sure why cause I know alot of people like em. Now if Cobie would just shoot over some N-tecs... Hotfoot and Fossil, good luck with your coach try-out! If you make it just make sure you stay in the books!
  10. I know what you mean, terrible spectator also. One can for sure spend a ton of dough racing. It can be done a lot more cost efficiently too. Some years ago, ROADRACING WORLD had a nice series on how to go racing on the cheap. You might contact them, see if you can get those articles. Tires is the single biggest expense, lighter bikes with less HP are easier on tires. One of my coaches now does Supermoto, cheap and fun, but it's a little different than roadracing. Prepping a bike can be a bit of work, and best to use aftermarket body work (way cheaper). Finding a used race bike, might be a good approach, if it's in decent shape. Some like to try CODERACE as Hotfoot suggested. It's a good approach, and can be done on our bikes, lots of training and then you race at the end of each day (and you don't have to prep a bike). The 250 Ninjas the guy rents sounds like fun, Hotfoot had a blast doing that. As for being ready, some clubs have a lap time limit that you have to make, if you are slower than that, you can't race. Racing is an absolute blast, let us know if you give it a go. Use the kids as pit crew C Haha, thats great Cobie, use the kids as pit crew! I can see that now w/ my girl. I'd have a Barbie Doll wedged up in the windscreen and lipstick decals! Lets just hope she puts fuel in the tank instead of apple juice!
  11. Good technique or bad technique, does it really matter? No, it doesn't. No matter if you have bad tech or good tech, there is a max for what you can do. Good technique obviously would help in being faster and turning a tigher line, but thats isn't what you are changing in this "40 Foot Circle" question. You are adding trottle, and body technique doesn't change the rate of throttle. It only puts a different maximum on the speed, lean angle, or how tight you could carve a turn. It doesn't change the simple fact that the faster you go through a turn at a given lean angle will increase the radius that you can carve. W/ Pedrosa and Hayden, you are comparing apples to oranges. The question that started this topic wasn't wether rider A could turn a tighter lap at a given speed, lean angle, than rider B.
  12. No problems here Spooky. Don't know what would be different, but mine is good!
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