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Stunters And Track Riders

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Everyone's familiar with the discussions and debates on street rider skill vs track skills but what about this question:


Does Stunting improve one's skill at the track and vice versa?


One of my guys is an ex-stunter, and Stuman used to work at the wheelie school, I'll ask him.



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Definitely. Anything you can learn about balance makes you more comfortable and better at riding, and will give you more control. I think out of the 11 years I've been riding, I've spent a grand total of 3-4 minutes working on wheelies. I was trying it with a friend, Brian, and after a few minutes, we both figured it won't make us any faster, and hit an old back road, but if someone is into it, stunting will make them a better rider altogether.

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Sorry, from what I have seen stunting does not help you go any faster on the track. Some stunters do real well when they come out to the track, and some do very poorly. I don't think the skills required to wheelie or stoppie help you go any faster on the track. JMO...

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