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Cornering On The Street

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I'm one of the slower intermediate riders at the track, but on the street, I can't even keep up with the superstreet level riders. I don't know what kind of barrier I have when I'm not on the track, and really don't care. I don't do anything dangerous, and barely get the bike over. That's why I do track so often. Safe, fun, and fast.

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I enjoy street riding, but not getting much time to do it these days. Can't pack 3 kids and all their on the bike yet, and I don't have a sidecar.


With gas going back up, think I'm going to start riding smoe more.



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Funny thing with me is that im nervous and a little bit scared of going onto a track with my everyday use bike. Ive heard of guys writing their bikes off on the track by getting too confident or someone else rear ending them.


On the road i feel safer if that is possible at all. Specially love it when its raining, just means you have to really concentrate on your riding and have a good throttle control all the time, and keep it super smooth. I love it alot!

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