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Suit For People With Big Legs?

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I went to try on a bunch of suits yesterday, and none of them fit. I'm about 5'8" and currently 175 lbs (I'm usually between 170-175). I tried on the Size 42, and the upper body all felt fine, but I could barely squeeze my legs in, and on most suits, was not able to pull the knee sections up to my knees. Even if I did, the leg sections were still too long.


I'm basically built like a running back with huge thighs and calves, but my upper body is just a normal athletic built...


It was not only frustrating, I worked up a big sweat trying to fit into and out of the suits.


Do you guys have any suggestions?


The suits I tried on were:

Alpinestars RC-1

Vanson Volante

Speed and Strength

I forgot what the 4th one was... but it was one of the cheaper/lesser known brands


ps, does the school have anything that would fit someone like me in case I rent?

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You could try Shift they tend to be good for fitting people like us, otherwise its a custom suit for you or buy a bigger one and have it altered.

Hope that helps

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AGV Sport suits are what we use, have fit pretty well. I'm about the same height and weight, but legs aren't that big. I remember a bicycle racer that came, big thighs too, he had a tough time.


You might have to go custom. We just got a few of our coach suits (custom) and they fit pretty well.


One last thing that will help a lot (and I normally like cotton) is wear an inner liner, either for cold or hot weather, wear one. They are SO much easier to get in and out of, I don't wear leathers w/out them. Tons cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and in and out is a breeze--even with a snug fitting custom suit.




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