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I have two sets of pirelli diablo rosso corsas mounted on wheels. Both were purchased in July of 2010. One set was used until August '10 for about 2 or 3 days. I then took some time off and started back in July of 2011 but only managed 2 or 3 more track days. The tires appear fine and have tons of rubber left. The other set has just sat in the garage the whole time and not been used.


My question is this: does it matter that the tires are over a year old? Does that affect grip? I'm fine with tossing the used tires. But are the 'new' tires ok?

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The recommendations I have read says to use the tire up to five years after production.


There are some big assumptions about correct storage included in that statement. (dark, cool, away from chemicals etc).


You should be fine, IMHO.



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Since reading this post I decided to have a quick look at the slicks that came with my new "old" CBR 400. Again I learned something new and something I should have checked previously, because after checking them I found the front 125/600/R17 was made in 2004 and the rear 165/630/R17 made in 2005. Im riding at a track called Winton raceway ( Victoria Australia) this weekend so should I see how they go or swap them on the day? Im thinking Dunlop Alpha 12's.


Thanks Tweek for asking that question and making me get of my backside to have a look

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The tires on now are going to be pulled off anyway. I hate wasting anything but the mental aspect of not being confident in my tire makes buying another set worth the investment. The other set will go on and we'll see how they do.


1 year, not a problem.


The fact you mentally have your attention on the old tires, is certainly a good reason to change. The mental aspect is very important, especially for new and mid level riders.


The biggest issue is what Jason pointed out... What are you doing off you bike for a year??? ;)

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Had an off in 2010 so had to lay low w/ the wife and kids for a bit then business got busy....life happened.


The upside - I'm back. Turns out 99% of the problem is that one of the forks had developed a small leak which I had not noticed. So the ZX6 is having the suspension redone. Should have it back Tuesday (3/27). In the mean time I'm back from a 4 day break in Northwest Arkansas where me and my new Duc spent some quality time in the hills. I've gotten to know her much better. If business keeps going well I'd like to get another 848 to dedicate to the track.

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