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Floridian Newbie

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Hello everyone!


The school is too far for me, but I have just joined to learn from you all.


I have been a full time street rider since 1978 (started in Cuba, where I am from).


Now I live in South Florida and I love discussing the physics and mechanics of motorcycles.


After all those years of riding and repairing bikes, I believed I had accumulated much knowledge (mainly for surviving on the streets).


Well, Keith's books and the DVD have proven to me that that knowledge of mine was not much at all.


Although I will never probably be on a track, I like the California Superbike School; therefore, I will enjoy the discussions in the Forum.


I'll see you at there.smile.gif

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Welcome to the asylum! I'm a Florida boy myself, originally from Citrus County. My family's still there but I got wandering feet after college.


I have to second Cobie, you should treat yourself to a track day, but only if you want a new hobbie! It is serious fun. And you should really consider the school even if you don't want to become a track junkie, it will make you a better, safer rider. BTW...I'm not a paid spokesman...just a very safisfied customer :) . I took the classes to become a better street rider and all I could think afterward was why hadn't I done this sooner.


Either way, welcome to the forum and don't be afraid to jump in, the inmates hardly ever bite and a lot of them are quite knowledgeble (not me of course, I'm just hiding out here until the law quits looking for me).




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Welcome Lnewqban, I've seen you around the forum and realised that I haven't said 'hi' to any of the new members!


Looks like you'll be the 'go-to' mathematics man, huh? biggrin.gif

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